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If you take a close look at our society, you can quickly see that the systems of the world are spiraling downward.  As a result, many people are filled with fear and are worrying how they will survive, while they look at a system that have put their trust in – fail them right before their eyes.  For this reason, God never intended for his children to depend on the world system for provision.  Instead, He has set laws and principles in motion so that His children can operate in a fail-proof system called the Kingdom of God.

One of the most powerful principles of the kingdom of God called Seedtime and Harvest.  Through this principle, God has made it possible for every believer to live a life of abundance, increase and overflow in the midst of high gas prices, unemployment, bank failures and a crashing stock market.  We must remember, God never commanded man to provide for himself; however, God’s original plan was to be the source of provision for His children.  Seedtime and Harvest is the principle that allows man to fulfill God’s original plan, which is to rest and allow God to provide for him.  You can be secure by putting your trust in the system of the Kingdom of God that can never fail, and expect that every time you sow a seed, you will reap a harvest because while the earth remains seedtime and harvest will never cease.

Pastor Cedric & Joyce Oliver

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