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Step Up to the Plate

 Leadership Training – Commitment and Passion Part 3

Are you ready to be a leader?  Are you prepared to step up for God and stand in the gap for the people who yet need to be lead in His kingdom (Ezekiel 22:29)?  We can’t have success in the kingdom of God or even the natural world without effective leadership.  What if our country had no government, what would our lives be like? The government, the leadership, helps maintain order.   Demonic activity like crime, pain and suffering are rampant because Christians are not taking hold of their rightful place of leadership.  Always remember that somebody needs you (John 4:23).

 God keeps calling for leaders because it is rare for Christians to assume the role.  There are several reasons why more Christians don’t lead.  God is not real to them, or they are self centered and want only a few, particular people in the kingdom.  Also, some Christians simply lost their passion for Jesus.  Do you fall in any of those categories? 

Let’s change this way of thinking today!  Let the Lord be the object of your passion (Matthew 13:44).  Your commitment to leadership stems directly from your passion and intimacy with God.  When you are passionate about Him, everything in your life will work to your good.  As you maintain that passion, the Lord will teach you His style of leadership.  He will reveal different levels of His leadership and the mysteries to making it effective.    

When you are distant from God, trouble is lurking (2 Timothy 3:2).  Make sure that He has your attention.  We owe our commitment to the Lord. He loved us more than Jesus. Your commitment to the Lord will yield a harvest far greater than you could ever imagine. Don’t be lax in just wanting “enough.”  Let that passion rise up in you for the sake of the Lord.  When you do, you’ll never be the same.  That’s because your focus will be on Him and leading the world to a life of righteousness.

 Don’t forget to do your homework!  Complete the grid so you will find out exactly where your time is going! 

Living the Best Life  -Pastor Joyce Oliver

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