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Be On Guard!

May 20, 2010

Leadership Training-Protect Your Purpose Part 4

The safest place in the world is fulfilling your God-ordained purpose.   Your purpose is the life you were born to live—it’s the reason you exist!   It is the assignment you were given long before you came to the earth.  God has got you covered when you are walking in your purpose—the one He assigned for you (Romans 8:28).  So, do you know exactly what yours is? 

Common Mistakes to Discovering Your Purpose

Many people spend their lives running after careers, tied up in fruitless relationships or grabbing at success.  The best years of their lives fade away and they never find out their true calling.  Many people mistake their career for their purpose.  Or sometimes, they have an idea of what they are called to do, but don’t have specific details.  Others override what God is saying, decide to do what they want and call it purpose. Then there is the copy cat syndrome. This means that a person is not satisfied with their purpose, so they imitate somebody else.  Finally, there are those people who are called to a supportive position of helping others (the number two spot), but get sidetracked and prefer to be the leader.  To avoid all of those pitfalls, be sure do what God has called you to do!

How Do You Discover Your Purpose?

4 Easy Steps

In your pursuit to discovering what God wants you to do, keep in mind that He’s not going to reveal the massive plan all at once.  Discovering your purpose is like the bread crumb theory.  Just follow the crumb–every leading of the Holy Spirit, and the Lord will unfold His plan as you continue to mature and trust in Him.

1.       Admit that you have a purpose (Acts 17:24).

2.       Ask God what is your purpose (James 1:5).

3.       Seek your purpose rather than your own personal agenda. Be sure not to live your life for provision (a job, a house or food).  Instead, delight yourself in the Lord, and He will give you everything you need and want.

4.       Discern and trust God’s voice over your desires (John 10:28). 

Living the life that God created you for is a wonderful experience.  In your purpose is inner peace, confidence and joy (Ephesians 4:11).  And it’s not just for you.  As you walk in your calling, you will connect with the people God has put in your path.  You being in your purpose determines other people’s fate. 

Protecting Your Purpose

Your ultimate life is right around the corner, and now you are ready to do what the Lord has called you to!  But be on guard, because the enemy is right here, ready to steal your destiny.  You fulfilling your purpose means wrecking his agenda.   Some of his most common weapons are:

1.       Attack and crisis.  Don’t let the devil stop your kingdom agenda (Mark 4:35).

2.       Financial lack

3.       Life threatening crisis (Emotional trauma, abuse, and death of loved ones).

4.       Being ambitious (Lack of a mentor in your life.  It’s okay to get Godly advice).

Remember you have the victory in Christ Jesus and He has given you everything you need to overcome the enemy.  God assigned you a purpose because He knows that you are able to fulfill it.  Walking in your purpose keeps the favor of God flowing in your life.

Don’t forget to do your homework!  Complete the purpose questionnaire to help you find out exactly what the Lord wants you do to! 

Living the Best Life,

Pastor Joyce Oliver.

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