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Faithfulness to Serve

Leadership Training Part 4—Faithfulness to Serve

Do You Want to Win?

A Christian is not a true leader unless they are faithful to God, and fulfill the purpose He gave them.  In being faithful, you are pressing towards reaching a goal, and the reward is a kingdom prize (Philippians 3:13).  Treasures and rewards are appealing to Christians, and are often the motivator for one to begin a mission for the Lord.  But through the course of time and trials, many get weak, distracted and tired—failing to complete the assignment God gave them.  Always remember that God is impressed with how you finish the course, not the way you begin.

Let’s Get Prepared

To be a successful leader, you need your manual (Bible) and tools (fruits of the Spirit-Galatians 5:23).  Let’s look at faithfulness, which is one of the fruits of the Spirit.  Faithfulness stems from your love for God.  Here is my definition—faithfulness means to be there, to get the prize, to never leave or stop (1Corinthians 9:23). 

As a Christian, you should be growing consistently from one spiritual level to the next.  Faithfulness and progression go hand in hand.  Unfortunately, the church has cast faithfulness in a negative light.  When we hear the word “faithful”, many link it to lots of hard work with no pay.  But according to the Lord’s standards, blessings attached to faithfulness.  As you remain committed to your purpose, you can always anticipate the next prize and promotion.  And remember, the next promotion is always better than the last one.    

What Are the Perks?

There’s a lot of talk about being faithful, so what’s in it for you?  The prize, that Paul speaks of in Philippians 3:13, is the multifaceted benefit of God’s presence and power that allows you to participate in His divine nature.  This prize is worth much more than money because it’s a spiritual gift.  As you grow in the ways of the Lord, He will allow you to be like Him.   After experiencing His presence, you will walk more confidently in His power, and see life the way He does.  Like a diamond, there are many facets to God, and you can’t understand Him all at once.  As you are faithful to the Lord, you will be elevated in Him.  Just continue seeking and trusting in Him. 

Be Committed

Elisha (2 Kings 2:1), Jonathan, friend of Kind David, (1Samuel 18), and the Ten Virgins (Matthew 25:1-13) are wonderful examples of being faithful.  They were committed to their assignment no matter the hardship.  As you continue in kingdom leadership, you too will have many valid reasons and opportunities to stop in the work He gave you.  Just remember that God looks for those who press, endure, and know how to be faithful (Revelation 2:25). 

Be prepared to encounter obstacles and distractions. Your progression dilutes satan’s agenda. Obstacles are anything that stops you from getting the kingdom prize in the end.  Some examples are physical weariness and personal attacks.  Satan looks for strategic times to hinder your kingdom work.   Challenges will arise as well.  The most common two are fear and enticement.  Remember the disciple Judas?  He was enticed by his love of money, and ended up losing his life and kingdom position.  Resist temptation through prayer and maintaining your faith. 

So when is your kingdom assignment over?  Two answers: when you die or when God releases you.  Always keep in mind Who you are serving and why because, it will encourage you maintain loyalty to God.   So go on, keep your eye on the prize of the kingdom, and you will see the power and presence of God in your life.  As long as you continue being faithful, He will continue rewarding you.


Pastor Joyce

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