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War & Peace

War & Peace – Get Ready for the War

 As a Christian, you have access to every promise in the Word of God, and are equipped with His power to have victory on the earth.  This is excellent news!  However, there are more factors that accompany Christianity.    There is an invisible world existing beyond the tangible one that you see.  In fact, everything in the physical world came from the spiritual world. Furthermore, a war is happening in the spiritual world—right now as you read this blog!  Because you are saved and apart of God’s kingdom, you were automatically enlisted in the combat.  The forces of God are battling against the forces of the enemy.  Are you prepared to fight?

 If you remain passive about your role in the spiritual war, then you will get clobbered.  Be aware that you have an enemy who is exclusively interested in theft, murder and destruction.   The good news is that you can have victory, if you fight for it.   But before you go into battle, be prepared. 

 Know Your Enemy

Victories are won when you know the strategies of the enemy.  The enemy is a real being who only has the power that you give him (Ephesians 2:2, John 10:10).  He loves to whisper sinful suggestions to you, and tries to hinder you in life’s most key areas: relationships, finances, purpose and emotions.   Satan wants you to rebel against the Word of God.  He loves to catch you off guard so that you will be tolerable of sin instead of having a standard against it.  Finally, he likes to attack you in weakness and strength.  If you just received victory in your life, beware because satan is around the corner waiting to make a mockery of it.

 How to Handel War in the Spiritual World?

 Ephesians 6:13-18 features a list of gear that you need for combat. It is written below. 

Weapon It’s Importance
Belt of Truth God has revealed His truth to you in His Word.  When you know the truth of His Word, you are encouraged about His way of managing life, not the world’s way.
Breastplate of Righteousness It protects your heart.  The enemy targets your heart, because that’s where roots of sin begin to grow.  Stay in right standing with God, and live your life pleasing to Him. 
Shoes of the Gospel of Peace They help you stand firm on the foundation of the Lord, and to be on guard for satan’s attacks.
Shield of Faith You can’t please God without it.  Faith protects you from satan’s fiery darts.  The more you exercise your faith, the larger your faith shield becomes.
Helmet of Salvation This is a prerequisite to the other pieces of armor.  It represents your relationship with Christ. The helmet of salvation gives you confidence in knowing that Christ is your protector.  Most importantly, the Helmet of Salvation protects your mind (Romans 8:37).
Sword of the Spirit This is the Word of God, which is even sharper than a two edge sword!  It destroys the enemy.  Remember,  Jesus used the Word of God to get rid of satan.  This is your only weapon.

 Other weapons that you will need include the name of Jesus (Proverbs 18:10), the blood of Jesus (Revelation 12:11), prayer and fasting (Matthew 17:23), the baptism of the Holy Spirit—with evidence of speaking in tongues (Romans 8:26), and the act of binding (demonic power) and loosing (godly power) (Matthew 16:19).

 Remember that in Revelation 20, satan is defeated!  Let this be true in your life too because you have victory in Christ Jesus.  In the meantime, maintain your confidence in the Lord, stay in tune with the Holy Spirit, and know that you are not alone.  God is with you, and He fights through you.  Finally, keep your armor on, and don’t ever take it off.

 Pastor Denise Oliver

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The Door of Faith

Thursday, June 10, 2010

 Did you know that the doors of heaven are open to you?  I’m not talking salvation.  I am talking about blessings.  God has set up a storehouse of every blessing that you can imagine, and the door is open just for you!  So how do you get the blessings out?

 Which Side Are You On?

In order to access your blessings, you must enter the door of faith (Acts 14:27).  Like all doors, the door of faith has two sides: prosperity and lack.  For too long, many Christians have been living on the grounds of need and scarcity.  True enough, God has given you a promise land of blessing to possess, but you will only get it by faith—“attack mode faith” wherein you enter the land, possess it, and see your blessings manifest.  Attack mode faith is an inclusive process that takes you from beginning faith to the land of blessing.  Desiring blessings is not enough— you have to be aggressive to get inside the door of faith, and then acquire the land of blessing that God promised.  

 Put Something Good in the Ground

Setting foot on the promised land is not enough.  Once you get there, you will need a harvest (your blessings) to grow on it.  This is where your seeds come in.  Your conversation has a lot to do with where you are in life.  In fact, it is a reflection of your faith.    Your words are seeds to be planted in your land.  Therefore, let everything that you say be a seed for your land of blessing.  God is a speaking Spirit.  Since you are like Him, you too must speak your desires into physical existence.  The earth’s blessings are already here, but you need your “seed speech” for them to manifest. 

 Living in the land of your harvest is a part of the kingdom life.  Blessings are a testimony of your faith.  They encourage you to be more aggressive about the things of God.  As you practice your attack mode faith, you will begin to experience a level of His abundance that will continually increase.

The Lord has already provided more than enough blessings for you.  The heavens are open, just ask the Lord for what you want and get in “attack mode faith”.  Healing, peace, deliverance and finances are nestled in the grounds of your life, waiting to become your harvest.  When are you going to get yours (Deuteronomy 28:8)?

Minister Jerwan Jones

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Extraordinary Faith

Leadership Training Part 5

Develop Extraordinary Faith

Thursday, June 3, 2010

No matter who you are, where you’ve been, or how long you have been a Christian, you will run across a situation that requires extraordinary faith.  

Extraordinary faith is tree jumping, mountain moving, dead raising faith.  Sounds powerful doesn’t it?  The good news is that every believer has the potential to develop it (Romans 12:3).  You don’t need more faith, just begin to work with what you have.

Sometimes Christians say silent prayers to handle challenges in their lives.  You can’t always use that strategy.  When obstacles enter your life and you don’t address them properly, your faith will malfunction. So, the moment trouble appears, speak to it (Matthew 17:14)!  You see, problems are similar to trees.  They start small and, over the years, develop deep roots in our hearts.  When you leave things in your life that don’t line up with the Word of God, it begins to stink (John 11:38).  But, when you practice extraordinary faith, you’ll make that troubled tree jump!

Fit Faith!

Faith develops just like muscles.  Here are some important keys to keeping yours strong and healthy.

Strong Desire (Matthew 15:22)

If you don’t care about your prayer concern, you won’t get the answer you need.


You may have to humble yourself in a situation that you normally would not. Don’t let pride steal your blessing.

Strong Love (Mark 2:3)

Love will drive faith.  Remember the paralytic who was lowered in the roof while Jesus was teaching?  His friends went through great measures to get him there. 

 Extreme Thankfulness (Luke 7:44)

Remember the woman who washed Jesus feet?  She had slept with many men and saved all of the money she earned.  She then purchased expensive perfume, and tearfully washed the feet of the Savior.  Her actions demonstrated gratitude for Jesus forgiving her sins. 

 Honoring People that are Anointed by God (Matthew 5:8)

Don’t treat men and women of God any kind of way.  Watch how you speak to them and try not to offend the Holy Spirit that lives in them. 

Listen to the Holy Spirit, and Use Your Faith Instinct (Galatians 3:26)

Instincts are behaviors that are carried out without learning.  Just like a baby nurses his mother for food, depend on God to help you develop extraordinary faith.  Remember, He already put faith in your DNA. 

Let Go of Old Beliefs (Mark 5:35)

The devil will try to make your problems seem more complicated than they are.  Keep your vision on God, and He will reveal the real picture.

 Fragile Faith

Is your faith weak?  Are you limping spiritually, trying to believe God for victory in your life?  There are six areas that the enemy uses to deteriorate your faith.   Get in your spiritual medicine cabinet to find the remedies for the following symptoms of ailing faith.

  Symptom (Area of Attack) Remedy
1.         RelationshipsThe devil gets into people and causes them to harass, hurt and disappoint you.  This ultimately takes your focus off of God.  Love, forgive and choose your relationships based on godly principals.
2.         FinancesSimply not having enough. Sow financial seeds into the kingdom of God, expect harvest and give thanks.
3.         Physical and Mental IllnessThe enemy will try to cause you suffering in any way to stop you from doing God’s will. Apply the STANDARD.Speak Think Act Like It’s Now Done, Take Authority and Resist the Devil
4.         Flesh Out of ControlLiving with habits like drugs, gambling, sexual immorality, violence and strife. Admit that you have an issue with your control, and replace it with the Word of God.  Practice a godly lifestyle, and be consistent in making Word-based confessions.
5.         No Life Purpose or Lack of SignificanceEveryone wants to mean something to someone.  Make sure that everything you do has a clear meaning and is for God. Ask Him what your purpose is, commit to what he tells you and go do it.
6.         Death and LossThe devil uses crisis to distract you from your work in the kingdom. He will try to make you focus on your loss.  Remember his mission is to steal. Prepare!  Crisis will come as surely as you are alive.  Stay prayed up, and keep the Word of God in your heart.  Tell the crisis that the Lord has overcome it, and that you will not lose your faith promotion.


The Lord has already given you the victory in every trial you face.  But it’s your extraordinary faith that will make it manifest in your life.


Pastor Joyce

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