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The Door of Faith

Thursday, June 10, 2010

 Did you know that the doors of heaven are open to you?  I’m not talking salvation.  I am talking about blessings.  God has set up a storehouse of every blessing that you can imagine, and the door is open just for you!  So how do you get the blessings out?

 Which Side Are You On?

In order to access your blessings, you must enter the door of faith (Acts 14:27).  Like all doors, the door of faith has two sides: prosperity and lack.  For too long, many Christians have been living on the grounds of need and scarcity.  True enough, God has given you a promise land of blessing to possess, but you will only get it by faith—“attack mode faith” wherein you enter the land, possess it, and see your blessings manifest.  Attack mode faith is an inclusive process that takes you from beginning faith to the land of blessing.  Desiring blessings is not enough— you have to be aggressive to get inside the door of faith, and then acquire the land of blessing that God promised.  

 Put Something Good in the Ground

Setting foot on the promised land is not enough.  Once you get there, you will need a harvest (your blessings) to grow on it.  This is where your seeds come in.  Your conversation has a lot to do with where you are in life.  In fact, it is a reflection of your faith.    Your words are seeds to be planted in your land.  Therefore, let everything that you say be a seed for your land of blessing.  God is a speaking Spirit.  Since you are like Him, you too must speak your desires into physical existence.  The earth’s blessings are already here, but you need your “seed speech” for them to manifest. 

 Living in the land of your harvest is a part of the kingdom life.  Blessings are a testimony of your faith.  They encourage you to be more aggressive about the things of God.  As you practice your attack mode faith, you will begin to experience a level of His abundance that will continually increase.

The Lord has already provided more than enough blessings for you.  The heavens are open, just ask the Lord for what you want and get in “attack mode faith”.  Healing, peace, deliverance and finances are nestled in the grounds of your life, waiting to become your harvest.  When are you going to get yours (Deuteronomy 28:8)?

Minister Jerwan Jones

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