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War & Peace

War & Peace – Get Ready for the War

 As a Christian, you have access to every promise in the Word of God, and are equipped with His power to have victory on the earth.  This is excellent news!  However, there are more factors that accompany Christianity.    There is an invisible world existing beyond the tangible one that you see.  In fact, everything in the physical world came from the spiritual world. Furthermore, a war is happening in the spiritual world—right now as you read this blog!  Because you are saved and apart of God’s kingdom, you were automatically enlisted in the combat.  The forces of God are battling against the forces of the enemy.  Are you prepared to fight?

 If you remain passive about your role in the spiritual war, then you will get clobbered.  Be aware that you have an enemy who is exclusively interested in theft, murder and destruction.   The good news is that you can have victory, if you fight for it.   But before you go into battle, be prepared. 

 Know Your Enemy

Victories are won when you know the strategies of the enemy.  The enemy is a real being who only has the power that you give him (Ephesians 2:2, John 10:10).  He loves to whisper sinful suggestions to you, and tries to hinder you in life’s most key areas: relationships, finances, purpose and emotions.   Satan wants you to rebel against the Word of God.  He loves to catch you off guard so that you will be tolerable of sin instead of having a standard against it.  Finally, he likes to attack you in weakness and strength.  If you just received victory in your life, beware because satan is around the corner waiting to make a mockery of it.

 How to Handel War in the Spiritual World?

 Ephesians 6:13-18 features a list of gear that you need for combat. It is written below. 

Weapon It’s Importance
Belt of Truth God has revealed His truth to you in His Word.  When you know the truth of His Word, you are encouraged about His way of managing life, not the world’s way.
Breastplate of Righteousness It protects your heart.  The enemy targets your heart, because that’s where roots of sin begin to grow.  Stay in right standing with God, and live your life pleasing to Him. 
Shoes of the Gospel of Peace They help you stand firm on the foundation of the Lord, and to be on guard for satan’s attacks.
Shield of Faith You can’t please God without it.  Faith protects you from satan’s fiery darts.  The more you exercise your faith, the larger your faith shield becomes.
Helmet of Salvation This is a prerequisite to the other pieces of armor.  It represents your relationship with Christ. The helmet of salvation gives you confidence in knowing that Christ is your protector.  Most importantly, the Helmet of Salvation protects your mind (Romans 8:37).
Sword of the Spirit This is the Word of God, which is even sharper than a two edge sword!  It destroys the enemy.  Remember,  Jesus used the Word of God to get rid of satan.  This is your only weapon.

 Other weapons that you will need include the name of Jesus (Proverbs 18:10), the blood of Jesus (Revelation 12:11), prayer and fasting (Matthew 17:23), the baptism of the Holy Spirit—with evidence of speaking in tongues (Romans 8:26), and the act of binding (demonic power) and loosing (godly power) (Matthew 16:19).

 Remember that in Revelation 20, satan is defeated!  Let this be true in your life too because you have victory in Christ Jesus.  In the meantime, maintain your confidence in the Lord, stay in tune with the Holy Spirit, and know that you are not alone.  God is with you, and He fights through you.  Finally, keep your armor on, and don’t ever take it off.

 Pastor Denise Oliver

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