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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

A Secret Way to Get Wealth

Kindness Equals Prosperity Part 2

Your money is not meant to be squandered way or collecting dust not being used.  The Lord wants us handle money according to His Word.  Your money has a mission.  Prosperity is more than money, in fact, it’s better.  It’s abundance in all things.  God’s plan is to make you prosper; everything He gives you should flourish (Jeremiah 29:11). 

Add, Subtract, Multiply

As much as the Lord wants to give to you, there are some requirements you have to meet first—faith, godly confession and being kind.  Kindness multiplies wealth.  My definition of kindness is to be gentle while making others pleased in goodness towards them.  Every kind act is connected to wealth.  Therefore, you determine your wealth.  The Lord requires kindness is because it convinces people that He is in our lives (Psalms 34:12). 

Make an effort to be helpful in your words and deeds.  Your tongue is connected to your quality of life.    Kindness brings out the good in you.  It enriches the heart of the believer.  When you speak evil of people and lie, you are not only destroying your blessing, but you are cutting your life short.  Remember Abraham, Rebecca, Rehab, Peter and the Good Samaritan?  All of those people showed unselfish acts of kindness and were greatly blessed! 

Loving the Unlovable

Acts of kindness are weapons against the devil.  In your kindness, you walking in the fruits of the spirit, undoing what the enemy has done.  People are bitter, difficult, and not easy to love because of what the enemy has done to them.  In your efforts to be kind, you are showing them the love of God, and demonstrating the hope of Christ. 

Risk of Kindness

Thinking about kindness warms the heart.   But be on guard, because the enemy wants to derail anything you are doing for the Father.  Sometimes when we show kindness, people will misinterpret our motives and attempt to use us.  Other times, people will try to turn our good into evil.  Pray to the Lord to find out the way you can show kindness and what person to show it to.

Be Nice, Be Free

Don’t be afraid to forgive people and to be generous.  The Lord is your shield (Romans 8:12).  He has enough blessings for all of us.  As you are demonstrating kindness, do not forget your family.  Lavish your love and generosity on your family.  Charity starts at home. 


Pastor Joyce

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Secret Wealth

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

A Secret Way to Get Wealth

Whether you know it or not, money and the kingdom of God are closely related.  In fact, there are over 2,000 references to money in the Bible.  Out of 38 parables that Jesus taught, 16 mention finances.   Additionally, everything in our lives, education, business and family is tied to money.  Interestingly, the number one need in the Christian church is finances.  In a nutshell, finances are very important. If you live in this physical earth, you are going to need a physical currency system to thrive. 

Change Your Mind and Get to Steppin (out on faith)

Lack, not having enough money, puts stress on you.  Want to get rid of the stress?  The first thing to do is change your mind.  The Lord anointed you for wealth.  You are a part of His kingdom and He needs you to be rich to help productivity in spreading His Word.  The word of faith will deliver you from lack.  Remember how God delivered the children of Israel from Egypt?  We have to maintain our faith for financial prosperity, especially when the enemy tries to attack us.  Often when we have little, we are scared to give anything away.  Remember the lady who gave her last two copper coins as an offering?  She overcame her fear to give and her act of unselfishness is still remembered today.  You have to activate your faith, and step out on the Word of the Lord.  Many Christians fail do to this.

Say Something Good

When lack tries to slither into your life, stomp it out with faith and your confession.  Don’t hesitate or complain about challenges and what you don’t have.  Continue to confess that wealth is all around you.  God mandated that wealth (and health) belong to you (Matthew 17:24).  Make all of your conversation line up with the Word of God. 

The Fruit of Your Kindness

In addition to tithes, offerings and godly confession, good ole generosity is a sure way to obtain wealth.  Kindness exhibits the fruit of the spirit and draws prosperity to you (Acts 14:16, Deuteronomy 28, Mark 12:28).  Before you get an attitude or blurt out that mean remark, remember that there is money in the seed of kindness.  The Lord needs for us to show mercy to people.  Besides, Jesus died for us—so would a smile or encouraging word hurt?  Meanness blocks prosperity.  If people scatter when you approach them, something is wrong.  The Bible says that people should rejoice when they see you coming (Proverbs 13:21). Since you claim to be a Christian, the love of Christ should be radiating from you, drawing people to you so you can be nice to them.  Remember Ruth in the Bible?  Her kindness to Naomi, landed her a rich and powerful husband.  Kindness can take you a long way in life.  And don’t rule out forgiveness and non-verbal communication.  Demonstrating a nasty attitude depletes your blessing account (along with your real one).

Be mindful to look for the good and not the bad in people.  Visit those who need it.  Encourage others and give them a hug.  Remember to serve and help someone in need.   This week, pray and ask God to show you a person that you can be kind to. 

Remember that wealth or poverty is the offspring of your belief and your actions.  Believe for God’s best in your life and show kindness to His people.


Pastor Joyce

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Friday, July 9, 2010


Faith the  Force of Change

Fact: Jesus Christ, the living Word of God, came to the earth to undo the work of the devil.  Therefore as a Christian, you should adopt the same attitude in your life.  Undo the work of the devil by applying aggressive faith (1 John 3:8, Luke 7:20-23).

Did you know that you can change your world?  Everything you want in your life—peace, healing, deliverance, financial prosperity—is waiting for you to claim it.  It’s the will of God that you live the absolute best life here on earth.  That’s the way that He designed it to be.  However, anything you receive from God depends on your faith.  Your faith is vital because it accesses the supernatural power of God (Mark 11:22).  It has the potential and power to produce the blessings that you desire in your life. 

Why Faith?

We live in a day where we have to depend on the Lord to move mountains (life challenges) for us.  Governmental affairs, the business market and other earthly systems are unstable.  Nothing is certain except the Word of God.  When life happens (illness, financial attacks, and crisis), taking things in your hands is the worst thing you can do.  In order to obtain victory, and the manifestation of your blessing, you have to get aggressive about your faith. Faith provokes God to action in your life.  

In the book of Genesis, the Lord originally planned for man to have dominion over the world.  But after the curse of Adam and Eve, the earth stopped cooperating with man.  Understand that God cursed the earth, not you.  The earth is full of blessed people that now have to force it to produce blessings.  Think about a farmer.  He fertilizes the ground, plows the soil, and plants seeds to yield a harvest in the following season.  If he doesn’t actively work the field, he won’t have a return.  This principle is no different for Christians.  If we are passive in our faith, we won’t get the blessings we want.

The systems of the world are designed to work against you.  If you simply let life happen to you, your outcome will not be good.  You need enduring faith combined with a godly confession to produce the manifestation of what you want. In other words, make the conditions work for you.  Jesus did it.  When He encountered situations that were unfavorable, He spoke to them, applied His faith and the circumstances changed (Matthew 14:16-21). 

Why Do We Settle for Less Than What We Are Entitled To?

We settle because we are not resisting the devil.  Sometimes when he attacks us, we reason with him instead of boldly directing him out of our lives.  The Word states that if we resist the devil, he has no choice but to flee.  If the devil is causing havoc (anything that conflicts with the Word) in your life, you need to send him packing.   Remember that God promised you abundance, and if you don’t get aggressive about it, your complacency will get you in trouble. 

 Now What?

Never cease in your faith.  Stick with your desire until you receive your manifestation.  The power that God placed in you carries the authority to drive the enemy from his position.  Let the Lord unto the devil’s activity in your life.  Walk in aggressive faith instead of swaying with worldly, powerless ideals.  Nothing that the devil does is final in your life.  Use your faith to tap into the power of Jesus, and the Holy Spirit to change circumstances to your favor.

Fact: Faith removes anything that doesn’t belong in your life.  Faith also brings promises of the Lord that you currently do not possess.  Only your aggressive faith will cause your life to change (Matthew 11:12).

Pastor Cedric

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Tuesday, July 5, 2010

Wealth Is All Around You: Part 2

Are you still confessing that wealth is all around you?  Let’s review from last week.  Remember the riches of heaven are supposed to be duplicated in your earthly life.  As a Christian, God wants you to have wealth to finance the work of His kingdom.  Obtaining the wealth begins with changing your mind, sowing financial seed and managing your money wisely.

Faith, Faith and More Faith

Your amount of money depends on your faith, just like health, deliverance and all other biblical promises.  The Lord has already put the blessing here for you, but it can only be acquired through faith (Mark 9:21).  Faith is an essential key to apply, but your confession is just as important.  Remember the seed speech?  You must speak prosperity into the soil of your life. 

How Is Wealth All Around You?

It’s in the form of gifts, resources and “God ideas.”  Your wealth lies in your vision, the way that you see things.  Along with serving the Lord, we were sent here to serve each/ other.  All you need is one “God idea” for your prosperity.   Let’s look at some tools to producing wealth (Job 36:11).

  • Faith
  • Discipline
  • Focus
  • A creative eye
  • A listening ear
  • Desire to please and serve
  • Ability to follow instructions
  • God’s anointing
  • Being faithful and committed


So it’s clear that prosperity is not given to the lazy.  Are you faithful to church service and your job?  Those are indicators to show if you are ready for wealth.  We are faithful to the things that we love, and what we love points to our purpose.  Wealth is linked to your purpose, because it helps you carry out the plan of God.  Also, purpose is about being unique.  Treasures are contained in your originality.  Be determined to be yourself, and don’t imitate others.   And finally, beyond wealth, purpose is about helping others as you carry out your exclusive God-given assignment. 

What’s In Your Hands?

As you fulfill your purpose, you are creating a container for more wealth.  Your container is the tool used to advance the work of the Lord.  Any earthly thing can qualify as a container, as long as you hear from God about it.  Barbequing, keeping children, painting, writing or even cleaning cars can generate wealth for you!  It’s exciting to dream about all the possibilities of you experiencing God’s wealth, but you have to keep some things in perspective.  Not everyone will be happy about your “God ideas.”  Therefore, you can’t let naysayers crush your dreams.  Make sure that your spiritual foundation is solid with no cracks.  You have to be grounded so that your wealth endures as you walk in your purpose.  Below are keys to maintain a solid foundation. 

  • Stay in the Word of God until you develop a love for people.  (Always take time with people and be patient.)
  • Be faithful to church service
  • Be a tither and a giver (Selfishness equals lack)
  • Sow your gifts into the ministry of the Lord
  • Treat people right (Especially your family, and spend time with them too)
  • Develop discipline in your time management
  • Keep your word
  • Allow yourself to be trained (Nobody is a “Know it all”.)


You see, wealth is already yours.  The devil will try to attack your finances, but do not let him stop you.  Persevere!  Be convinced that you are rich, because it’s the will of God for you.  Remember that the Lord is wealth, and if you have Him you have wealth too! 


Pastor Joyce

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