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Tuesday, July 5, 2010

Wealth Is All Around You: Part 2

Are you still confessing that wealth is all around you?  Let’s review from last week.  Remember the riches of heaven are supposed to be duplicated in your earthly life.  As a Christian, God wants you to have wealth to finance the work of His kingdom.  Obtaining the wealth begins with changing your mind, sowing financial seed and managing your money wisely.

Faith, Faith and More Faith

Your amount of money depends on your faith, just like health, deliverance and all other biblical promises.  The Lord has already put the blessing here for you, but it can only be acquired through faith (Mark 9:21).  Faith is an essential key to apply, but your confession is just as important.  Remember the seed speech?  You must speak prosperity into the soil of your life. 

How Is Wealth All Around You?

It’s in the form of gifts, resources and “God ideas.”  Your wealth lies in your vision, the way that you see things.  Along with serving the Lord, we were sent here to serve each/ other.  All you need is one “God idea” for your prosperity.   Let’s look at some tools to producing wealth (Job 36:11).

  • Faith
  • Discipline
  • Focus
  • A creative eye
  • A listening ear
  • Desire to please and serve
  • Ability to follow instructions
  • God’s anointing
  • Being faithful and committed


So it’s clear that prosperity is not given to the lazy.  Are you faithful to church service and your job?  Those are indicators to show if you are ready for wealth.  We are faithful to the things that we love, and what we love points to our purpose.  Wealth is linked to your purpose, because it helps you carry out the plan of God.  Also, purpose is about being unique.  Treasures are contained in your originality.  Be determined to be yourself, and don’t imitate others.   And finally, beyond wealth, purpose is about helping others as you carry out your exclusive God-given assignment. 

What’s In Your Hands?

As you fulfill your purpose, you are creating a container for more wealth.  Your container is the tool used to advance the work of the Lord.  Any earthly thing can qualify as a container, as long as you hear from God about it.  Barbequing, keeping children, painting, writing or even cleaning cars can generate wealth for you!  It’s exciting to dream about all the possibilities of you experiencing God’s wealth, but you have to keep some things in perspective.  Not everyone will be happy about your “God ideas.”  Therefore, you can’t let naysayers crush your dreams.  Make sure that your spiritual foundation is solid with no cracks.  You have to be grounded so that your wealth endures as you walk in your purpose.  Below are keys to maintain a solid foundation. 

  • Stay in the Word of God until you develop a love for people.  (Always take time with people and be patient.)
  • Be faithful to church service
  • Be a tither and a giver (Selfishness equals lack)
  • Sow your gifts into the ministry of the Lord
  • Treat people right (Especially your family, and spend time with them too)
  • Develop discipline in your time management
  • Keep your word
  • Allow yourself to be trained (Nobody is a “Know it all”.)


You see, wealth is already yours.  The devil will try to attack your finances, but do not let him stop you.  Persevere!  Be convinced that you are rich, because it’s the will of God for you.  Remember that the Lord is wealth, and if you have Him you have wealth too! 


Pastor Joyce

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