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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Prayer, Plus Faith Equals a Difference

 Prayer is essential because we can use it to change churches, protect our families, bring healing to people, ban the power of death and pull souls out of Hell.  Are you accessing your power of prayer?

 Prayer is more than talking to God or a ritual for Christians to participate in.  In fact, the prophet Elisha changed his nation through prayer.   Why should it be any different for us today?  The power of our prayers changes lives, nations, and people (James 5:15).  As we pray, we our bringing Heaven to our earth.  Prayer will help manifest God’s kingdom in our lives.  His kingdom includes healing, deliverance, success and peace among many other blessings. 

 Remember This

Prayer should permeate the house of God.  We should never stop praying in church (Mark 11:17).  Also, prayer is useless if we are not activating our faith.  Prayer gives the Lord permission to act on our behalves on earth (Ezekiel 22:30).  Further more, prayer is not a feminine act.  God wants men to pray too!  Especially in their homes, men should lead in prayer. 

 Your Role

Prayer is a selfless act.  In fact, people in our lives—friends, family, neighbors, and co-workers—need someone to go to God for them in prayer.  If you see a person defeated in life, pray for them.  When you pray in faith for a person, you become a minister in prayer.  All Christians have been called to pray.  You see, prayer is a ministry that few will see on earth (Romans 8:34).  However, the rewards will be granted in Heaven.  Consistent prayer creates a shield around those you are petitioning God for.  If a person does not have someone covering them in prayer, the devil will have no mercy on them. 

 Maintain Your Position

In your continual prayer, your faith shield will be built up, creating a force that the enemy will not be able to penetrate.  But if you have a time in your life when your faith shield is down, the Lord will act as your breastplate of protection.

 When it looks like your prayers are ineffective, just know that satan is working overtime, because your prayers are shaking the gates of Hell.  When you are being resisted, it’s time to increase the intensity, quantity and quality of your prayers.  Raising the level of your prayers causes angels to reinforce their battle for you in the heavenlies.  Angels need your prayers to keep bringing in your requests (2 Kings 6:17).

 When you are faced with challenges, pray first, then react (James 4:7).  Ask Holy Spirit what to do, and obey.   When we begin to stress out and worry, it’s because we don’t know His will. 

 Hearing Properly from God

Remember that prayer, plus faith equals harvest. The power of your prayers will not only affect your life, but someone else’s.  Follow these steps below and watch the power of your prayers work for you.

 1.     Submit your will along with the emotions of others.

2.     Establish that you are willing to obey the Lord in the worst case scenario (but in God there is never a ‘worst case scenario’).

3.     Submit your position and ask the Lord what His will is.

4.     Obey Him, act on His will and don’t look back.

5.     Wait for your blessing.

 Don’t stop pressing; and don’t give up what you have been praying for. 

 Love Pastor Joyce

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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Become One With Your Faith

 Just as a man and a woman become one in marriage, you must become one with your faith.  When you are one with your faith, the impossible becomes possible. 

The only way to tap into the promises of God is to leave doubt and be united to your faith.  There are things that God wants us to do, but we have to be one with our faith to hear and obey Him.  

The Egg Theory

‘Being one’ means being together with, or to be in sync with.  For example, take two eggs.  When you crack both of them in a bowl and stir them together, they become inseparable (Ephesians 5:3).  Your bond with your faith aids you in developing a love and protection for it.  The unsaved and the doubters will try to challenge you but, maintain your position as a defender of the faith!  Faith works!  Quitting, or ceasing to walk in faith is not an option.  You must believe God until you see what you have been confessing (Matthew 19:6). 

A Partnership

A married couple must be in agreement to maintain a functional relationship.  It is no different for your faith.  You have to agree with your faith so that it will work for you (Amos 3:3).  Even though all men have been given the same initial measure of faith, you have to develop it over time for it to be an effective tool for you.  Look at it like this, you can’t raise the dead with mustard seed faith.  Faith has to be built up over time to bring great victories for you.

Oftentimes, Christians expect the pastors to build their faith for them. You are responsible for building your own faith.  The pastors are like managers/coaches that provide the tools and guidelines for you to be successful in your life.

How to Become One With Your Faith

The first thing you must do is to make deliberate actions of faith.  Change your vision, the things that you look at.  Fill your surroundings with positive images and pictures of the life that you want.  And by all means, change your conversation and your confession.  You should only speak what the Word says. 

You also have to employ your faith, tell it what you want.  Faith is your servant and its job is to tackle what you want and bring it back to you.  Faith is the foundation of your Christian walk.  You simply cannot be without it therefore, you cannot let it leak out.  Daily living, challenges and hurts pull on your faith, so you have to keep it built up.  You cannot afford to take a faith break. 

Your Benefits

When you are one with your faith, you are victorious in every situation in your life (1John 5:4).  You exit the comfort zone of being content.  Stagnancy and spiritual apathy are dangerous to your faith.  The enemy wants to trick you into getting comfortable in subpar standards of life (Exodus 16:35).  Remember that you are not normal like people of the world.  God purposely wants His people to be indifferent to the ways of the unsaved.  Like an eagle, He wants you to soar above the obstacles of life, not wallow around in them like chickens do. Oneness in your faith launches you into your appointed seasons of life.  When you miss God, you can miss His time of blessing for you. 

What’s Next?

Don’t look back!  The Lord wants you to stay focused on the things to come.  Be encouraged, and let your light shine.  No matter what happens in the world system, God’s glory is on His church (Isaiah 60:1).  Now it’s time for you to discover your purpose.  Your God given purpose is already here; now you just have to locate it. And the Father has equipped you to fulfill it.  

Remember that faith along with works creates a dream, but works without faith is a nightmare. Live the dream and make faith your lifestyle.

Minister Kisha Jones

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