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Praying in the Spirit

 The Holy Spirit is a Divine Messenger found on the inside of Christians sent by God.  Do you have a relationship with the Holy Spirit?

 The baptism of the Holy Spirit is a key element in your life as a Christian. In fact, Jesus did not release any of the disciples until they were baptized in the Holy Spirit (Mark 16:16).  Christians should not be okay without having the Holy Spirit (and the evidence of speaking in tongues).  The Lord presented Him to us, and we need the gift.  Further, the baptism of the Holy Spirit is powerful, because it helps us bypass the limited carnality of our minds.  In the times that we feel lost and don’t understand life, the strength of praying in the Spirit carries and empowers us.

 What You Should Know

 He, in fact is a person, not a thing or an object.  The Holy Spirit came to earth to give Christians counsel.  A gentleman, the Holy Spirit constantly speaks to us if we listen.  He is here to convict us and confirm righteousness through godly judgment.  He helps us determine the good and the bad. 

 Additionally, the Holy Spirit tells reveals the future and warns us to pray (Acts 1:8).  He gives us power to overcome demonic attacks along with wisdom and boldness to witness to the unsaved.  The Holy Spirit that rests on the inside of you is the same Spirit that raised Jesus from the grave!  This means that when Christ returns for the church, the Spirit inside of us will resurrect us to Heaven!   

 Receiving the Holy Spirit (with the evidence of speaking in tongues) is a separate experience from salvation (Acts 19:1). 

 Many Christians deal with life in the flesh, which has no power.  And in ignorance, they try to seize the devil’s territory but end up defenseless.  Remember that all we have is Jesus and the Holy Spirit (Acts 2:1, Acts 10:44).  Living life without the power of the Spirit is not wise.  Imagine that that you are engaging in war with the best training and armed with finest weapons.  However, when you face your enemy, your gun has no bullets!  How would you feel?  This is what happens when you live life without the baptism of the Holy Spirit. In other words, don’t live a subpar life. Get the power (of the Holy Spirit)!

 In the gift of salvation, the Lord has already predetermined a life of victory, purpose and prosperity for you.  However, you will only obtain all of it not only by faith, but through the power of the Holy Spirit.  As you commune with the Spirit of God, He will inform you and teach you how to live life triumphantly.  What does the Lord have for you?  Ask the Spirit of God, He has the answer.


Pastor Joyce

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