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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

 Saving People from Hell

Did you know that our earthly experience is our heavenly resume?  So what are you doing here as you dwell on earth?  Are you just floating through life, taking the good with the bad or are you helping to advance the kingdom of God?

Witnessing the gospel is one of the key tasks that Jesus wants us to complete.  Since we possess the benefits of living a saved life, it is His desire for the entire world to experience it too.  Did you know that Christians are designated ambassadors for Christ and should represent the kingdom of God?  Christians should be compelling people to come back to Him.

The Deception

Funeral homes are packed with people, many who have died without salvation.  The devil would like us to think that we have lots of time, but the fact is, Jesus could return at any minute. 

Hell was never intended for humans to dwell in.  Originally, it was a place created by God for the devil and his demons.  In Hell, there is no peace, joy or direction.   It is a horrid abyss where pain is intensified and never stops.  It’s true that the people in Hell are experiencing not only physical pain but the pain of regret for not choosing Jesus (Luke 13:28, Revelation, 20:2, Revelations 14:11).

God’s Treasures

The Lord loves all people.  Let’s be even more determined to share the good news of the His kingdom.   We have to learn how to love God’s people and have a desire to win them.  One of the greatest challenges that people have is forgiving those that have hurt them.  Un-forgiveness is a dangerous wedge lodged in relationships to keep people out of Heaven.  It’s one of satan’s oldest tactics.

God has placed special gifts in every one that He has created.  The gifts were put there to glorify Him.  But the unsaved people—yet who carry His gifts—will perish to damnation if we give up on them.  One person has the ability to change the world.  The Lord wants us to change the world for the sake of His kingdom.  Who is in your world that if you talked to them about Christ could change the world?


Pastor Joyce

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