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March 2, 2011

The Power of Forgiveness

Consider This: Did you know that the missing link to your healing could be unforgiveness? Forgiveness mixed with Jesus’ death gave you the right to be healed!

Forgiveness is not a popular word in our society.  In fact, revenge and retaliation are the world’s answers to offenses and wrong doings.   The world teaches that we have a right to hate our enemies and hold them in contempt.  That’s not how God sees it.  Refusing to forgive is acting in pride.  It reveals that your feelings and reputation are greater than anything. However, we should strive to think like Christ.  We should be working to deal with life by the rules of His kingdom.  Therefore, forgiveness should be a habit of Christians because it’s an act of spiritual thinking.  It means to absolve or free the person that hurt us.  It’s noble, kingly thinking; it’s like Christ.       (2 Timothy 3:1, Romans 5:6)

Why Do People Hurt Each Other?

We live in a world filled with people who are petty, insecure and even antagonizing.  Additionally, people can be insensitive, immature and self absorbed.  On the other hand, we have different perspectives on issues, general habits or differences of thinking that can be perceived as offensive.  But out of all of this, remember that satan looks for any opportunity to blow things out of proportion.  He wants to cloud our vision and trick us into accusing and hurting each other Be ware of His schemes (Matthew 5:21).

Why Forgive?

Forgiveness brings healing for you and the person that offended you.  It is an act of love.  Remember that God demonstrated the greatest act of love for you (1Peter 2:23).

Further, justice and judgment are under God’s authority.  To not forgive is to be in pride.  Pride causes us to take matters into our own hands; pride causes us to not trust the Lord.  Jesus knew that the flesh is never worth defending.

The Fruits of Forgiveness

Do you know why you were born?  What are you supposed to do on the earth?  Jesus was here on assignment, and He never lost track of that.  His acts of forgiveness are our pattern from God.  We live in an un-perfect world, so there will always be a time when you have to forgive and be forgiven.  Forgiveness flows from the blood of Jesus.  And as you participate in Holy Communion, the blood of Jesus becomes a part of your spiritual DNA; therefore, forgiveness should flow from you too (Ephesians 4:31).

The Consequences of Unforgiveness

Since forgiveness should flow like blood, it should never clot. If not monitored, a clot can be deadly.  Unforgiveness blocks you from your purpose, your healing and your harvest. After years of not forgiving, your personality becomes distorted and bitterness and anger set in.  Finally, unforgiveness binds you to your enemy.

Consider this too…

If you have an attitude of being thankful, forgiveness will be easy for you.  Removing the blame from your enemy shows that you are quick to love and are appreciative of the grace of Christ.  Further, forgiveness is an attribute of the strong.   So are you going to walk strong in the Lord or cower in the weakness of unforgiveness?


Pastor Joyce

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