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March 9, 2011


Transitioning Into the System of God’s Kingdom


The end of the world as we know it is near. Are you ready?

Since the day of Jesus’ ascension after the resurrection, Christians have been taught to prepare for His return.  Further, Christians have been instructed to look for signs that will serve as reminders of His glorious arrival to earth again.  Over the years, some Christians may have lost their interest in Jesus coming back since He has been warning us for so long.  But I strongly encourage you to take note at the world around you.  Jesus Christ is coming soon.  The church should prepare.

Signs of the End Times

Observe the events that are currently taking place in our world.

  • We are in the information age, and we have a rapid growth of knowledge (Daniel 12:4).
  • The Gospel is being preached today in every language to all tribes and people (Matthew 24:14).
  • We are witnessing the worldwide crash of the financial systems (Revelation 18:2-4).
  • We are witnessing a moral decline, even in the church (2 Timothy 3:1).
  • Technology is ready for the mark of the beast.
  • There is an increase of wars and hear about rumors of wars among the nations.
  • There is an increase of natural disasters (earthquakes, tsunamis etc.)
  • We are witnessing an outbreak of plagues like Aids, ebola virus, swine flu etc.

It is quite evident that the world system is collapsing before our eyes.  However, remember that all that the world is experiencing is not for God’s people.  His ultimate plan is for us to live above the demise of the world.  Yes, it is possible for you to thrive (not just survive) in what looks like the worse time for humankind.

Don’t Go Down in Flames

Avoid being swept into the ruin of the world’s system.

1.    Rise above the world’s routine of doing things and live!  Change your thinking; leave “Smallville” and enter the kingdom of God which can never be shaken.

2.    Trade in your failing marriage (leave the mindset, not your actual mate) and claim the Lord’s promise of an extraordinary marriage that model’s Christ and His church.

3.    Trade in the failing health care system that profits from illness, not wellness.  Instead, accept divine health!

4.    Trade in your dysfunctional family for the qualities of a strong one where characteristics like godly love, support, encouragement and submission to authority are present.

5.    Trade in mis-identity for a new identity in Christ.  Remember that we are secure in Him.

6.    Abandon the thinking of socialism (the financial divide) which is based on many poor and few rich.  Trade in the “lack” mindset for the wealth of the kingdom!

Code for Victorious Living

The world system is full of limitations that have infiltrated the church.  Be sure not to settle for the ordinary life.  Strive to live the supernatural life that God has predestined for you!

1. Go where God sends you and occupy the land!  The church has to leave the church (walls) at some point. As Christians, we have to invade the unmarked territory and let the world know that the supernatural power of God is in our hearts.  As you share the good news of Jesus, be kind yet shrewd.  And please don’t be that over-zealous Christian that runs people away (Mark 16:15)!

2.    Be committed to God first and on fire for Him.  Also, have integrity because the world knows hypocrisy.  We must apply our faith and walk in it.  Continue to influence the people around you until the entire world belongs to God.  As a Christian, you should rule wherever you are.  Remember that you are the influencer.  Win your area for the kingdom of God (Revelation 11:15).

3.    Satan wants to bog you down with distractions that don’t matter.   He also tries to make you feel unqualified to the point that you continue to work on improving yourself while never fulfilling your purpose.  Remember that God put you here for a purpose–a divine mission that He has called for you to complete.

If you plan on winning and ruling in life, then you must be faithful and consistent to the work of the Lord.  You cannot fulfill God’s purpose until you have released your personal will (your way of doing things).  When you are walking in your purpose, you are depending completely on the Lord to help you fulfill it.  This is how you become victorious in life and transition off of the world system.  This is how you will be prepared for the coming of the Lord.


Pastor Joyce


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