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21 Question Test of Spiritual Maturity
Faithfulness to the Lord
There is nothing more frustrating than wanting to depend on a person who cannot be counted on.  On the other hand, there is nothing more reassuring than having a person in your life that you can call on for anything!  The Lord wants to be able to depend on us to be faithful to Him so He can give us more.  Are you faithful to the Lord?  One way to find out is by looking at your church attendance.
When we are faithful to coming to church, it strengthens the corporate anointing (Hebrews 10:23).   Consistent church attendance is the foundation of spiritual maturity.  However, satan wants to steal our blessing, so he tries to knock the love and commitment out of our hearts (2 Timothy 4:2).  Faithfulness shows a willingness to take responsibility, a desire for consistency and finishing faith.  When we are committed to the Lord, we are keeping His treasure safe.  Our commitment to Him is a reflection of our loyalty because we are defending the assignment that He gave us.  If we are faithful, God will take care of us.
The Pure Heart (which is to be laid on top of faithfulness)
A mature person knows him or herself.  A mature person is transparent. Mature people show love without a hidden agenda, and they display the acts of God’s love (1 Corinthians 13; Galatians 5:16).  Even though salvation brings the saving of our spirits, but we have to work on our flesh daily.  The spirit of the flesh is at work in all of us, so that’s why it is important to build our spirit man up so we can override the cravings of our flesh. When our hearts are pure, we judge ourselves first to make sure that we are lining up with the Word.  When we know ourselves and examine our selves spiritually, we gain self-discipline (2 Timothy 2:7).
The Un-pure Heart
The un-pure heart has everything inside of it that pulls us away from the Lord.   The un-pure heart leads people to be immature, selfish, critical and always carries a hidden agenda. It’s wise to stay away from the critical/judgmental spirit because it robs us of our blessing (2 Timothy 2:5).  Also, the un-pure heart is manipulative and seeks to please itself.  In Psalm 51:10, King David prayed that the Lord would create a new heart in Him.  Let the Lord do the same for you so you can experience all His goodness in your life.
Dr. Joyce Oliver

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