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Get Your Money!

Get Your Money!
Fact: Satan will attack your financial situation, and the world’s economic system is designed to keep you in lack.

Truth: Wealth is your right, because God promised it, and He is faithful to His Word. Debt, foreclosures and bad credit does not define you. Learn from those lessons and keep your faith!

Christians’ earthly lives should reflect everything that happens in heaven. Since wealth is in heaven, it should be evident in your life too. The Lord created wealth for you to help advance the work of His kingdom, live well and bless others. It is His heart’s desire for you—you to be wealthy.

Change Your Mind

The beliefs of the old church preach that wealth is evil. Money isn’t bad; in fact, it answers all earthly things (Ecclesiastes 10:19). As a Christian, you are in the world—the earth—but not of it. Money is a requirement for you to function properly on the earth. Just maintain a kingdom mindset about its purpose. Your wealth wrecks the plan of the devil. He knows that if all Christians had financial prosperity, they would finance God’s work of missions, help the poor and evangelize the Word of God. Did you know that Jesus received riches? Since He is the Son of God, and you are a son (or daughter) of God too, you have the same inheritance (Revelation 5:12). The Lord has already given you everything you need to be successful and prosperous. However, the manifestation of your blessing depends on your faith. Begin to confess that wealth is all around you.

Kingdom Math

God’s Instruction + Your Faith and Uniqueness + A Dedicated Container + God’s Anointing = Wealth

In the kingdom of God, you have to give to gain. There’s no way around it. When you concern yourself with the work of the Lord, He will make sure that you are well provided for. Remain in His will because He blesses those who carry out His purpose. Also, stop being stingy. Plant your financial seeds in rich soil by giving to the poor, blessing men and women of God and partnering with other kingdom minded ministries. Don’t forget to tip people for their professional services. That is a form of giving too.

Everybody has seed to give. Whenever you get money, be sure to set some aside for the Lord. And if you don’t have cash, give what you have. You can help someone by preparing a meal for them, or take someone on errands who is without transportation. It takes faith to be generous, but God promises that His floodgates will open for you when you give.

You Have the Money, Now What?

Sometimes, the Lord will bless you with large sums of money. When that happens, be sure to give your tithe first, then put the rest away and wait for His instructions. Don’t abuse your seed with poor money management (unnecessary spending) or unhealthy practices (drugs, gambling etc.). Those are called seed abusing habits.

Smile, because wealth increases your health (Deuteronomy 8:18)! A joyful relief comes when you owe no man (money). It’s a good feeling to have abundance and not “just enough.” By the way, the purpose of abundance is for it to be given away. In abundance, you have everything you need, now you can bless someone else. Remember as long as you keep planting, you’ll keep sowing.

Never put limits on God. Wealth is all around you.

Love, Pastor Joyce

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