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The Power of Praise

Praising God is the layaway plan of Heaven.  Praise now and collect later.  Remember that God can always be trusted.  He is not man, and He cannot lie. 

Praise Makes Your Blessings Possible

Every time you praise God, your faith strengthens.  You praise the Lord by showing thankfulness for what He has done.  True praise is prompted by the Holy Spirit.  In order to praise God, you have to be thankful.  Your blessings are directly proportional to your thankfulness. 

Remember Abraham?  Despite he and Sarah’s aged bodies, he praised God any way and thanked Him for his son Isaac.  By all human and medical standards, it was no way Sarah could have successfully carried and birthed a child.  But Abraham’s praised tapped into the supernatural and grabbed the promise given to him by the Lord.  He was fully persuaded and because of His praise, Abraham became the father of many nations (Romans 4:19). 

Praise Blockers

Did you know that lack of praise creates dullness?

Many people can praise God at the beginning of a blessing.  But what will you do when you actually receive the blessing?  Don’t let familiarity and ungratefulness melt your praise.  When we forget God, and think our talent supports us, we will be destroyed.  Anything that we praise ourselves for (and not God) is not protected by Him.  Will you remember God in the midst of your success?

Every time that we neglect to praise God for something, our hearts become calloused, and we are blinded to His favor right in front our eyes.  We have to recognize His favor because it is hidden His Word.  Also, the favor of the Lord is found inside of His church and His anointed (people).  

Devotion to God and thankfulness are connected to great harvest (Colossians 4:2).   

You see, the ungrateful don’t keep watch over what God has given them.  We tend to be possessive over the things that we cherish.  You should guard what you praise God for.  When you are thankful for something you maintain it. The Lord wants us to praise Him for His favor. The more thankful we are the more He blesses us with. 

Next Level Praise

We have entered into the age of increased favor.  It’s time to be thankful for not only present favor, but the godly favor that is to come.  The Lord continues to pour out increased favor on His church because the world is contaminated with darkness.  He knows we need His favor. 

Exalt the Lord for the next stage of favor.  Practice believing Him for your future blessing.  Never let your mind, eyes or doubters talk you out of your belief.  Praise brings peace (Psalms 37:25).  As you affirm what the Lord has done for you through praise, you are deleting all room for doubt and only praising Him for what you want to see.

You may have education and skill, but God gives favor.  Every thing that you have came from Him (James 1:17).  Just like His wealth, the Lord’s grace and favor is all around you (Matt. 13:14).  Keep praising Him to keep that favor flowing (Deut. 8:17).


Pastor Joyce

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