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Kingdom Economics Part 1

Ponder This: What would you do for God if you had all the money that you needed?

Have you ever considered the purpose for money? You need it for more than paying bills. The Lord has a divine purpose for money. First, money enables us to meet our physical needs. Second, money allows us to set a godly example by helping those in need, and third, we can do the work of the Father by evangelizing the world and taking more ground for Him. Have you ever wondered why sinners are rich? It’s because they work for the devil and believe in themselves (Genesis 1:28-29) It doesn’t matter what life looks like, know that the enemy is a liar and he wants to destroy your faith. The Lord has a financial plan for you!

The Church Enslaved
Slave master spirits are hovering over the church (Exodus 1:8). The slave master spirit is manifested in the form of debt, lack, financial limits and the poverty mindset. Even though the Word of God states that Christians are rich, the slave master spirit says otherwise. The tragedy is that Christians have succumbed to the lie and become financial slaves. But the good news is that the church can experience the manifested wealth that Jesus died for. He wants us to build His kingdom and enjoy life on earth! God has given us everything we need to be successful in the earth; in fact, he has given each of us an assignment. If we walk in our assignment, the wealth will automatically come. Then, we will be able to support the work of the kingdom.

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Spiritual Sight

Fact: You don’t have any problems.  All you need is faith in God.  This is something you cannot comprehend with your natural mind.

Confess Your Desires by Faith

In Mark 8:22, Jesus laid hands on a man twice as He healed him from blindness. This is the only recording where a healing did not come at His first command.  Do you wonder why?  In this particular healing, Jesus was teaching this blind man about his faith and confession.  In the first healing, the man said that he saw men that looked like trees (he wasn’t seeing what Jesus wanted him to see).  But in the second healing, the man saw clearly.

Jesus was teaching us not to settle for a partial healing.  He was also teaching us to say what we truly want to see.  But in order for us to say what we want to see, we need progressive faith.  Don’t settle for the occasional headache, a slight pain or that minor problem.  The devil is an opportunist looking for any platform to elevate us to more hardship.

20/20 Vision

Do you see what God sees?   Do you see yourself healed, delivered, and living in abundance—all the time?   If so, then you are seeing clearly.  Don’t let challenges and doubt distort your vision.  Maintain your faith by hearing the Word, confessing victory and closing your ears to fear.  If you view life with your physical eyes only, your spiritual vision will get blurry fast.  Therefore, keep your eyes on God (2 Kings 6:17).

Grow Your Faith, Don’t Kill It

The Lord sees you as a faith champion.  You are more than a conqueror in Christ Jesus!  Speak your victory into existence.  This means that you can’t just say anything.  Phrases like, “I’m sick,” “I’m losing my mind,” or “I’m dead tired” slaughter your faith.  Build your faith up; keep it strong!  Develop it by believing God for an extraordinary miracle.  Keep naysayers from speaking doubt in your life. Stop living naturally; instead live in the spirit.  Remember that nothing is too bizarre for God to deliver your from.  After all, it was His original plan for you to live a victorious life.

He is waiting on you to believe in Him (Ephesians 2:3).


Pastor Joyce

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