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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

 Living the Impossible

Do you know who you are?  Well, if you are a Christian that means you are born of God and are His child.  We already know that God’s children are blessed.  But there are key traits that go beyond blessings.  God’s children are expected to walk in the same authority that He does.  God’s children do what He does, say what He says and act like He acts (Genesis 1:26). 

Even though He predestined Christians to rule as little gods, some where along the way we lost our status and began to conduct ourselves like the unsaved; we became lost, victims and defeated.  

 A Superior Race & The Upper Class

Good news!! The Lord is reminding us of who we really are.  We are of the God Class.  We are race of people that should be living in total victory.  And our race is not based on color.  It is based on the Spirit of God as we live by the culture of grace. 

In the beginning, Adam communed with God and lived on earth without illness, stress or pain.  To the world, such a place sounds impossible, but this is exactly where the Lord wants us to be.  All that is impossible for the unsaved is possible for God.  Remember that He is responsible for you. 

Code of Conduct

The God Race speaks, believes, sees and receives what they want (as long as it’s according to the Word).  In Christ, we look wonderful because appear blameless and have been transformed from slaves to sons of God (Romans 6:4-6).  We are confident because the Spirit of God is alive in us and we live the impossible (1 John 5:14).  In addition, we walk in divine health from head to toe (Acts 5:16, Psalms 103:3).  Don’t accept satan’s reasons for illnesses.  He sends symptoms to see if we are going to accept them.  From a slight headache to the most wretched form of cancer, remember that the Lord has already healed and restored you!  Speak it and believe it.

Furthermore, people of the God Race don’t go around acting like paupers because God is our Father and He owns everything (Matthew 6:31)!  That means that we are continually prospering and are never broke.  And finally, the God Race is free from demonic activity.  Our minds are in Christ Jesus.  We are not ruled; instead, we rule

Be diligent about studying and meditating on the Word of God.  When you get in His Word, His Word gets into you; then you will never forget who you are.


Pastor Joyce

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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

 Honor In God’s House

 Would you hang your brand new clothes outside on a rainy day?  Would you place expensive jewelry by a garbage dumpster? The most obvious answer would be, “No” because we protect and cherish things that are valuable to us. 

So let’s think about the Lord.  Is He valuable to you?  Is the Creator of the world worth more to you than a disposable object?  Do you honor the Lord?  How much time you spend with Him?  Further, do you protect the time you spend with Him?  Are you thankful for His countless blessings in your life?  If so, how often do you tell Him?  Are you still excited to attend church, or do you drag in late? Do you cheerfully give or do you casually toss your offering in the bucket out of routine?

Keep Watch

The end of the year is just around the corner.  Looking back over the past 11 months, the Lord has been good to us—better than good, awesome, and phenomenal!  Honestly, there are no words to describe His goodness in our lives.

The Holy Spirit is prompting us not to get lax and familiar with the richness of God’s blessings.  We should ever be thankful for what the He has done. God is pouring out on His people!   Don’t be like the Pharisees and ignore the presence of the Holy Spirit at work.  Honor what the Lord is doing in the earth because He requires it (1 Kings 3:4). 

People are being saved, delivered and healed! The goodness of His Word it witnessed all over the world!  His kingdom is advancing and we should be excited about it!

God wants to continue doing great things for us, but He needs people to reverence Him.  When we honor God, He shows up (1Samuel 2:29).  And when we honor Him, He honors us. 

Love, Pastor Joyce

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